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In Germany Susanne Brutscher had trained and worked as medical assistant for 10 years and has a passion for healthy living. As a Certified Emotion Code and Quantum Touch practitioner since 2009, she assists clients with re-balancing their emotional energy levels in order to promote overall body-mind-soul well-being.

Research has proven that our bodies create vibrational EM fields, and each organ functions with its individual frequency. Just as the brain emits electromagnetic waves the heart radiates a very strong EM field which can be measured.

“With Quantum Touch and Emotion Code I am able to fine-tune personal frequencies to optimal functional settings. Comparable to retuning a radio which has lost reception to a station. Apart from human success stories, the effects on e.g. animals, plants, or landscapes are astonishing.”

Susanne is also the founder of Greenhome Designs Ltd and Built on Biology Ltd. She is keenly aware of the impact that environmental energy fields and toxic building materials have on our well-being.

She is a Professional Interior Designer (Au) and Building Biology Practitioner (BBP USA) since 2010. She is based in West Auckland.

“Living in Europe with their strict environmental regulations, it has enabled my family and I to gain experience and knowledge in areas such as, waste reduction, the science of environmental protection and with the building of modern, nontoxic and biologically balanced dwellings. Exposure to unhealthy levels of chemicals, also to electric or magnetic fields can camouflage or increase physical and emotional imbalances.

For better understanding of potential environmental influences, we are using European bio-medical equipment and bio- resonance techniques in the HEALING4LIFE assessments”.

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Susanne Brutscher, B.Com (Hons)
QT & TEC Certified Practitioner

Phone: +64 9 411 5231
Mobile: +64 21 909 593
Email: info@healing4life.net.nz
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