What is Energy Healing?

For thousands of years much of the known world has used some form of energy healing technique to assist with correcting physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances. In the western world a different path of healing was embarked upon which included the use of synthetic medications and the use of technological innovations such as diagnostic imaging.

We have started to see a shift in the west. Traditional energy healing techniques such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Acupuncture among others are becoming more mainstream and in many cases are complimentary with the use of Western medicine.

How Can Healing4Life Help You?

We are constantly exposed to lifestyle (work, financial, diet), environmental (pollution, unhealthy buildings) and emotional stressors (caring for children, elderly parents and relationships) that can if left unchecked lead to physical manifestations such as low energy levels, muscular rigidity, weak immune systems and eventually to disease processes. Each of us will deal with our individual stressors differently and coping mechanisms will vary from person to person.

At Healing4Life:
I would do an assessment to identify the individual stressors that you are exposed to.
My training in alternative medicine therapies enables me to support you in releasing emotional blockages which are preventing your energy and life force from circulating freely. I am using Muscle Testing techniques in direct contact with the client, but also in proxy situations, together with magnetic field radiation. I also offer resonance therapies, which work on the Entrainment Principle and can allow healing to take place if one is open to change.

Awareness is a significant component to the path to recovery. Understanding the connection between your individual stressors and energy levels, emotions, energetic blockages and wellbeing allows people to make conscious choices for effectively re-establishing better health.

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QT & TEC Certified Practitioner

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Words can’t express how i’m feeling after treatment 4 days ago. I have become energised, lighter, happier than I have ever felt, more movement in stiff joints, sleeping better, handling situations with ease and remaining calm as well.
Anne T

New Zealand

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Client Testimonials

The change in my life is both dramatic and incredible. I am a totally different person and am the happiest I have ever been in my life, thanks to you.
Shirley F.

New Zealand

The pain has dropped from a 9 to a 1 after the work you have done. I am now postponing the scheduled operation, as I can move the joint freely at the moment.
Dieter H


After only 3 sessions Odin appears much calmer, less anxious, and more confident.
He interacts much better with other dogs.
Parents of Odin

New Zealand

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We are proud to offer our services to those living in New Zealand and Internationally.
Appointments are either in person or as remote healing via proxy/surrogate.

Appointments can be booked as a 30 minute or 60 minute session.